A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Punt Out

Punt-Out is a Side-scrolling, beat-em up action survival game where you use your fists to get most of the jobs done. Smacking enemies across the level and stomping out bosses to stay alive for the longest time.


WASD - Movement

I - Activate Abilities

W+W - Stomp

R - Restart (When Dead)

Left Click (Hold) - Pickup Enemy

ESC - Goto Menu/Exit Game

Player 2 Controls

Joystick/Directional Pads - Movement

A/X - Jump

A/X x2 - Stomp

B/Circle - Activate ability

X/Square/Right Trigger - Punch

Left Trigger - Grab

Start - Join Game

Install instructions

Download and run NW.exe (if on windows)


linux32.zip 134 MB
linux64.zip 129 MB
osx64.zip 139 MB
win32.zip 124 MB
win64.zip 128 MB

Development log


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the boss is really hard someone help me

This game is pretty rad, the special effects make it super intense. I think the enemies should be a different color though, I kept getting confused as to who I was. Also, is the first boss even killable?

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The first boss is killable, Stomp on his head 4 times and you (should) perform a finisher. And I'll probably try to make enemies have clothes or something to differentiate. 

this is so fucking gooood

The game is really cool despite I participated the development.